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As you might expect, it’s much more costly to repave than it is to maintain. That’s why it’s extremely important to care for your asphalt investment. However, if your asphalt surfaces are in such disrepair that maintenance is no longer an option, we have the most cost effective ways to repave your project.

Potholes are created by water penetrating the asphalt surface through cracks. Introduction of water to the underlying soil structure weakens the supporting soil and eventually a pothole occurs.

This can result in damage to vehicles, and over the long term it will also increase maintenance costs.
  • Huntington Paving can offer many types of asphalt repair.
  • Milling Full Depth Repair
  • Saw Cut Full Depth Repair
  • Overlay Repair
  • Temporary Repair (Plugging)
Please contact us to discuss our asphalt patching & repair services.
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